Wolffepack Metro

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What sets Wolffepack apart?

It's the unique ability to detach from the shoulder harnesses and be swung around to access the compartments. Simply push down on the red plunger button then tug down on handle to disengage the magnetic clip. As the handle is raised toward the shoulder, the bag is lowered behind.

To see a video demonstrating this feature, click here

The pack can now be swung around to the front to access its compartments. If two handed rummaging is needed, special hooks will hold the pack securely in front of you. Once you find what you need, simply swing the pack behind you and pull the handle to raise it back into place.The magnetic handle will snap back into its clip.

No more...

  • Placing your backpack on dirty floors.

  • Worrying about thieves accessing your backpack from behind.

  • Bumping into other people with your bulky backpack.

As the shoulder straps stay in place and due to the trapeze technology of Wolffepack, it allows commuters and travelers to swing their pack to their lap or to hold the pack in front, allowing them to secure and protect their belongings.

Designed with organization in mind Wolffepack feature a large, roomy compartment, a secondary space, a pouch, and a side water bottle pocket so you can stuff it to your heart's content.

Fabricated with safety in mind, Wolffepacks incorporate core materials found in body Armour and cut-resistant gloves, to create stylish, water resistant and durable products.