The A-Bike! Foldable Electric Bike

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The lightest most compact electric bike. Folds in seconds. Includes rechargeable lithium battery pod, toolkit, instruction manual and charger. Includes carry/storage bag. The A-Bike Electric has solid tires which do not require a pump. 


The brushless motor, conveniently housed in the front wheel, gives your legs an easier ride.
Start pedaling then let the bike do the work for you! Revolutionary sensors detect when you’re slowing down or on a hill, then automatically provides power assistance when you need it.

Don't think smaller wheels require more effort - the engineering allows normal, easy pedaling action.
The dual chain drive has been optimized so that the rate of pedaling matches the rate the wheels turn, thus makes riding A-Bike Electric feel like you're riding a dream bike.
The red power button has a simple one-click action to turn the electric motor on or off so YOU can choose when you want a boost of power. The lightweight detachable quick charge 24V battery can take you up to 15 miles (25 km) which makes it great for both commuters and joyriders.
Four LED's display how much power you have left before needing to recharge. Powering up for your next ride is simple as you don’t need special tools to remove the battery.
A quick-release strap on the battery makes for convenient and hassle-free removal when charging.
Leave the battery on the bike, or take it off to charge it elsewhere. And there’s no need to worry if the battery runs out... you can still ride it like a normal bike.
The quick-release seat clamp means you can personalize the height and makes it compact and easy to fold.
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